56 at Bengaluru apt complex test Covid-19 positive

56 residents of Bengaluru apartment complex test Covid-19 positive

A party attended by at least 45 people at the apartment complex proved costly as all tested positive

Representative image. Credit: DH Photo/Pushkar V

A new Covid-19 cluster emerged in Bengaluru among nursing college students last week. Now, 56 residents of an apartment complex in ward 188, Bilekahalli have tested positive for Covid-19. As many as 513 have been tested so far, and the testing is still ongoing among the complex's 1,500 odd residents living in 435 flats. A party attended by at least 45 people at the apartment complex proved costly as all tested positive and also ended up infecting their respective family members.

BBMP officials, however, said that none of them exhibited any symptoms and none required hospitalisation. They said most were youngsters and all have been put under voluntary home quarantine and the apartment complex has been thoroughly sanitised and disinfected.

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M Ramakrishna, Joint Commissioner, Bommanahalli zone, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), said, "Till Sunday we tested more than 500 residents in three blocks of the apartment complex. Testing is still going on. By the end of Monday, we will complete testing. There was a party here on February 6. The first case was diagnosed on February 10, when the resident got tested on his own after experiencing some Covid symptoms. He went to the hospital and information was relayed to the BBMP."

Thereafter in the process of contact tracing, others in the apartment complex were tested and one by one, everyone started testing positive. "On Sunday, BBMP officials rushed to the apartment complex. Fortunately, most of them are youngsters and are asymptomatic. None required hospitalisation. None of the 56 have a domestic travel history either. But further contact tracing is on. there were 45 to 50 people at this party who further infected their respective families. We even held a meeting with the apartment association at SNN Lakeview apartment," Ramkrishna said.

Dr GK Suresh, Deputy Health Officer, Bommanahalli, said, "Nobody is resisting testing. We still need to check how many contacts these 56 individuals have generated. The complex has been sanitised."

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