BBMP to survey 30L households for Covid jab in Phase 3

BBMP to survey 30-lakh households for Covid-19 vaccination in Phase 3

The surveyors will be given Bluetooth-enabled devices synced with the mobile app to check blood pressure and blood glucose

A woman being given a Covid-19 vaccine in Karnataka. Credit: DH Photo

The BBMP will undertake a new?survey of 30 lakh households for data to carry out Phase 3 of the Covid-19 vaccination in the first week of March.?Under Phase 3,?everyone aged above 50 and those below 50 having?co-morbidities will be inoculated.?

In the rest of Karnataka, the vaccination will be undertaken on the basis of the?Health Watch Survey of 1.59 crore households conducted by ASHA workers between May and July last year.?The survey had revealed?that more than 61 lakh households had people aged?above 60. Of them, more than 16 lakh people had high BP, diabetes or cardiac problems.?

In the city, the BBMP?will undertake the?Assessment of Health and Preventive Risk Profiling Survey.?Two-member teams will cover 50 households per day with a target of covering 15,000 households per ward. The survey is expected to be completed?within 20 days.?

The surveyors?will be given?Bluetooth-enabled devices synced with the mobile app?to check?blood pressure and?blood glucose. The data will be?stored and linked to the phone number?of the head of family or the individual who has?the phone number.?

The surveyors?will capture data on nine co-morbidities. Their prime objective is to cover all urban slums within BBMP limits, and?capture the names and phone?numbers of all adults in a household on the Namma Samudaya app.?

The health watch survey covered 30.96 lakh households in Bengaluru Urban and showed that 7.49 lakh households had people aged above 60. Of them, 1.92 lakh households had?senior citizens with one of the three co-morbidities.?

But the survey doesn't have details of who is above 50 or has a co-morbidity.?

Munish Moudgil, the head of the state Covid-19 war room, said instead of doing a re-survey, "the state can send messages to the one mobile number per household (available in the health watch survey) to get the elderly and co-morbid people for vaccination".?

BBMP Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad, however, said the city needed 'a master template' for Covid vaccination, which was "human error-free, accurate, easily retrievable, of high quality, helps in tracking post-vaccination adverse effects, facilitates sero-surveillance and acts as a database for future non-communicable disease programmes".?

Dr Arundathi Chandrashekar,?head of the state surveillance unit, said the BMP could simply use data from electoral rolls for people aged above 50. "For people?below 50 with co-morbidities, we can?use our health watch survey, which has captured?certain co-morbidities but we aren’t sure which ones will be part of the Centre’s guidelines. If all co-morbidities are included, we won’t need another survey," she added.?

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