Mahie opens up on working with Abhay after 12 years

There were plenty of old memories: Mahie Gill on working with Abhay Deol after 12 years

Mahie Gill and Abhay Deol will soon be seen together in the series '1962'

Actor Mahie Gill. Credit: Twitter/@MahieGillOnline

Actor Mahie Gill, who will soon be seen alongside Abhay Deol in the web series 1962, says she enjoyed reuniting with the star after more than a decade.

"It was an amazing experience and there were plenty of old memories. We wanted to work together earlier as well but that never happened," she tells?DH in an exclusive interview.

Mahie previously acted opposite Abhay in the 2009 release Dev D, which received rave reviews from the target audience. The Anurag Kashyap-helmed film was an adaptation of the yesteryear classic Devdas and revolved around the journey of a young man while highlighting his troubled personal life. Mahie essayed the role of the idealistic Paro, garnering praise with her bold performance. The film also featured Kalki Koechlin in a key role.

Many thought Dev D would open new avenues for the 'Chandigarh ki Kudi' but things didn't go as planned. The actor failed to establish herself as an 'A-lister' as films such as Zanjeer, Gangs of Ghosts and Buddha in a Traffic Jam did not live up to expectations. The actor says that she was not too affected by these setbacks as 'cinema chose her'

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"These things just happened. My first film chose me not the other way. I started off with a certain type of roles and similar offers came my way," she adds.

Mahie is?hoping to begin a new chapter in her career with the previously-mentioned series 1962, which features her in the role of an Army officer's wife. The actor says that she took up the role as Army wives are strong women who make 'silent sacrifices'.

"I have never done such a role/show before and we actors look for such opportunities," says the actor.

1962 has an ensemble cast that includes Anup Soni, Satya Manjrekar and singer-actor Meiyang Chang. The Mahesh Manjrekar-helmed series is set to stream on Disney+ Hotstar from February 26

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