All you need to know about Instagram algorithm 2021

All you need to know about Instagram algorithm 2021

It decides which posts and which accounts you should see

The rise of Instagram?brought with it a fair share?of social media influencers and bloggers. It is not a tough task to gain followers on the platform if you are ready to offer interesting content.

With Instagram’s algorithm changing every now and then, social media influencers are finding it difficult to engage with their audience. More often than not,?by the time?the code is?cracked, it changes again. So how can one make this work in?their?favour? How to predict the app’s next movie without having to lose your mind over it? Here are a few tips to step up your game.

Build a relationship

It is important to build a strong relationship with your audience. Instagram typically shows blog posts from people?one interacts with the most.

How do you do that? Tagging each other in posts, liking content that you find interesting, commenting and lastly, sharing and re-sharing. This helps you be in the limelight. The posts that you see on your feed are from people you interact with the most.

Based on interests

Instagram shows your content to those who engage with the content that is similar to yours. For example, if?you follow a fashion-based page or liked a?few fashion-related posts,?you are likely to come across similar content. Focus on your target audience and followers to know what they are into.?

Be active

Always be active on the app. Not in a way where you spend your entire day scrolling away, but in a way where you are constantly engaged with your audience. You can do so by posting videos on your stories, making reels and updating your audience on your day-to-day activities. This will help keep you on top of your follower’s feed.

Your following

The number of accounts you?follow also plays a role in this. If you are following inactive and spam accounts, chances are, they could be doing more damage to you than your?credible accounts. This cancels out your efforts. Make sure to deep cleanse your account once in a while.

Hashtag away

Hashtags are your best friends. Appearing on the explore page is not as hard as one might think.?This?section brings content from all new accounts.

To appear on the space,?one needs to hashtag key words on?their?posts.

Anybody who searches for content relating to the key word might find you on their explore page.?

Top tip - Reply to all your comments and comment back on pictures that your commenters post.

Find hashtags relevant to your area of interest and?comment on posts tagged under the hashtag. It increases your visibility and engagement.

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