Bidar's Market Police Station ranked 22 across India

Market Police Station in Bidar ranked 22 in all-India ranking

Yeragera police station was ranked 53 whilst Women Police Station in Davanagere stood at 67

Police in Bidar city. Credit: DH Photo

The Market Police Station in Bidar ranked 22nd while Yeragera clinched the 53rd spot among police stations across the country in an all India ranking by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) last year.

The third such facility from Karnataka shortlisted for consideration in the Ranking of Police Stations 2020 was the Women Police Station in Davanagere, which bagged the 67th position.

The information was accessed by DH through an RTI filed with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

On December 3 last year, the MHA had announced the list of top ten police stations in the country with Nongpok Sekmaiin Manipur's Thoubal district, AWPS-Suramangalam in Tamil Nadu's Salem and Kharsang in Arunachal Pradesh's Changlang district bagging the first three positions.

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The report on the ranking of police stations had not provided the ranking of other 65 shortlisted police stations though it had provided the state-wise winners' list.

The ranking was based on performance measurement (80% weightage) on 19 parameters, including crime prevention, crimes against women and disposal of old cases, and infrastructure and citizens' feedback (20% weightage).

The Market Police Station scored 13 in performance measurement and ranked 28th in this count while in infrastructure and feedback, it scored 84 and a rank of 18. Its overall score was 27 (80% of performance measurement and 20% of infrastructure and feedback).

When it comes to Yeragera Police Station, it scored six marks on performance measurement and ranked 52 while the other part got 71 marks and 41st rank. Overall it scored 19 marks and ranked 53.

In performance measurement, the Women Police Station in Davanagere got seven marks and ranked 66 while in infrastructure and feedback, it got 62 and ranked 53. Overall, it got 18 and ranked 67.

An analysis of the marks given to 75 shortlisted police stations, 64 of them got less than 20 in performance measurement. Most of them improved their ranking mainly because of the marks it got on infrastructure and feedback.

The topper Nongpok Sekmai in Manipur scored the highest -- 100 -- in performance measurement but it fared not well in infrastructure and feedback getting just 77 and ranked 30. However, its overall score was 95, riding on the performance matrix, and comfortably bagged the top position.

AWPS-Suramangalam in Tamil Nadu's Salem, which came second, had an overall score of 79 -- 82 in performance and 63 (rank 51) in infrastructure and feedback.

Based on citizens' feedback, the report had said that half of the beat constables do not interact with the public while 60% believe that no action is taken on online complaints. Nearly 45% of people surveyed near markets say police do not take action against unauthorised stalls in markets.

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The government selects best performing police stations across the country every year, to incentivise more effective functioning of police stations and bring healthy competition among them.

The MHA started giving awards to best police stations following a suggestion from Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Directors General of Police during the 2015 Conference in Gujarat's Kutch. Modi had then said that parameters should be laid down for grading police stations and assessing their performance based on feedback.

The ranking process commenced with shortlisting of the best-performing police stations in each state on the basis of addressing property offence, crimes against women, crimes against weaker sections, missing persons, unidentified found persons and unidentified dead bodies.

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