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          Cong-led Puducherry govt falls; CM Narayanasamy resigns

          Congress government in Puducherry falls; CM V Narayanasamy resigns

          Narayanasamy and his ruling side MLAs walked out before the motion was put for voting

          Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy. Credit: PTI Photo

          V Narayanasamy resigned as Chief Minister of Puducherry on Monday after he failed to prove his government's majority on the floor of the Assembly.?

          Speaker of the Puducherry Assembly, V P Sivakolundhu, announced that the motion of confidence moved by Narayanasamy stands defeated after the chief minister and members of the ruling party staged a walkout.?

          Minutes later, Narayanasamy met Lt?Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan and submitted his resignation. In the morning, Narayanasamy moved the motion and made a long speech during which he accused the BJP and N R Congress of toppling his government.?

          Track live updates of Puducherry Crisis here

          Narayanasamy said the Congress staged a walkout after the Speaker refused to accept their argument that nominated MLAs do not have voting rights.?He also said the BJP toppling an elected government is nothing but "political prostitution."

          The L-G had last week directed Narayanasamy to prove his majority after his government plunged into a minority. The issues for the chief minister compounded on Sunday when two more legislators from Congress and DMK resigned.?With this, the strength of the ruling combine came down to 12, including the Speaker. The Opposition claims support of 14 MLAs, including 3 nominated legislators who are BJP members.?

          It is unclear for now whether the L-G will recommend President's rule or allow N Rangasamy, the Opposition Leader, to form a new government.

          The development comes just months ahead of the elections as the tenure of the current government is scheduled to end?on June 6.?

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