Multi-level car parking, a non-starter

Multi-level car parking, a non-starter

Multi-level automated parking on trial mode by Hubbali-Dharwad Smart City Limited. Credit: DH Photo

The city’s parking woes could have been addressed to a large extent if the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT)’s 2012 proposal for a series of multilevel car parking projects had reached the implementation stage.

Beyond the commercial malls that levy a hefty charge, multilevel parking facilities are a rarity in the public domain. Mobility experts say the new parking policy can lead to decongestion only by installing such space-saving structures in every ward.

To optimise space, automated multi-level parking – now installed in a few city malls – could be an option. Under this system, cars are parked in steel pallets that move up or down multiple levels for parking or retrieval.

A system of pallets, lifts and signalling devices ensure that the entire parking mechanism is simplified. Mobile Apps link the drivers to their cars showing exactly where the vehicle is parked. For those searching for a parking space, the vacant slots show up.

Here is a look at the benefits of the multilevel car parking system:

Optimisation of space by going vertical

Low maintenance, operational and construction costs


Since the parking area is off road, traffic is not blocked

Enhanced security for the vehicle

An end to haphazard parking.

Boost to pedestrians with easy access to footpaths

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