Electronic signal system commissioned in Mangaluru

Electronic Interlocking signalling system commissioned in Mangaluru

On receipt of commands, data is collected from the yard (based on yard status) and processed by ensuring safety aspects

Station Master working with the newly installed system at Mangaluru Central Railway Station. Credit: Special Arrangement

The Southern Railway has commissioned the state-of-the-art Electronic Interlocking (EI) signalling system with dual digital display units at Netravathi Cabin and Mangaluru Central along with the track doubling between Netravathi Cabin and Mangaluru Central.

This system brings absolute safety and more flexibility in train operations by replacing the conventional panel operated Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) System at these two cabins, said Palakkad Division Public Relations Officer M K Gopinath.

The Electronic Interlocking is a digital technology based on microprocessor and the safety aspects for signal clearance is processed by sophisticated software and microprocessor.
The Station Master will be able to monitor and control train movements in the yard with the help of digital display monitors. The digital monitor provides a clear visual indication of engagement of track, signalling positions, setting of points, and level crossing gate status and train occupation in the adjacent block sections.

Further, he said the Electronic Interlocking System receives commands from the Station Master and commands are received through the visual display unit.

On receipt of commands, data is collected from the yard (based on yard status) and processed by ensuring safety aspects. The required route is automatically set and locked before clearing the signal for train movement.

Maintainers Terminal, which is provided along with Electronic Interlocking System, ensures recording of every movement related to the train operations. It also helps in tracking wrong movements and in analysing failures. This can also be used as a tool for monitoring the Electronic Interlocking System on regular basis.

Southern Railway Construction Organisation executed the work with the support of the Palakkad Division team. The expenditure on the new signalling system is Rs 10 crore.
In fact, Mangaluru Junction received the first EI signalling System in Palakkad Division way back in 2012 during yard remodelling at Mangaluru Junction as part of the track doubling in Netravathi-Mangaluru Junction section.

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