Karnataka's Covid-19 vaccinations cross 6-lakh mark

Karnataka's Covid-19 vaccinations cross 6-lakh mark

Man being given a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in Karnataka. Credit: DH Photo

The Covid-19 vaccination coverage in the state has crossed the six lakh-mark on Friday. Till 8.30 pm on Friday, as many as 6,32,711 beneficiaries have received the vaccine shots.

On the flip side, only 51% of the targeted health workers have received their first dose of vaccine and Saturday is the last day?for the Phase-1 beneficiaries to get their first dose.

BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad said till Friday around 50% health workers were vaccinated in BBMP limits. Till 8.30 pm, only 4,20,837 health workers out of targeted beneficiaries?8,21,939 were vaccinated, which is 51% coverage. As many as 99,326 health workers have taken the second dose, so far.

The vaccination coverage of frontline workers also has been mediocre with 1,12,548 of the targeted?2,84,950 (39%) having received their vaccine shots.

On day 35 of Covid vaccination drive, the state has recorded a cumulative vaccination coverage of 57%, till 8.30 pm on Friday.?On Friday alone, 46,534 were vaccinated out of 1,04,121 targeted?beneficiaries, which?is?45% of day's coverage.?

386 new cases, 5 deaths

Karnataka, meanwhile, logged 386 new Covid-19 cases and five related fatalities, taking the total caseload to 9,47,246 and the toll to 12,287, on Friday.

The day also saw 291 patients getting discharged after recovery. There have been 9,29,058 recoveries, so far. Out of 5,882 active cases, 125 are in ICUs.?

Bengaluru Urban accounted for 209 fresh cases. Mysuru?recorded?34 new infections followed by Kalaburagi 23, Dakshina Kannada 20 and Tumakuru 11. A total of 1,82,21,003 samples have been tested for Covid-19, so far. Out of which 61,440 were tested on Friday alone.

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